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TriaWave Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

A non-invasive treatment that works on toning,  tighteningand lifting your face and neck muscles. Treatments are customized to each client addressing fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and sagging skin.  TriaWave technology uses soundwave, pulsed ionto and sonophoresis along with microcurrent to further penetrate product. You will see results in one treatment.  A series of treatments done close together is best to achieve long lasting results.

90 min treatment/$225.00


ENVIRON Vitamin Therapy Treatment

The Ultimate in delivery of vitamin A,C,E and increased hydration. With the use of Environ's TriaWave  sound wave technology to deliver 40% more product penetration.  Achieving longer lasting, effective results. Included with this treatment is a microexfoliant, followed by a facial massage using vitamin A,C,&E. The TriaWave  is then used with sonophoresis to penetrate a customized cocktail of treatment just for you. An Alginate mask will then be applied using iontophoresis for further penetration. You will have revived skin after this treatment! 90 min/$140

ENVIRON Vitamin-C Brightening Treatment

This treatment is fantastic for pigmented skin or if you need an all over brightening.  A vitamin C micro peel is applied and penetrated using iontophoresis with the DF machine. Depending on the amount of pigment, you may need more than one treatment.  Absolutely NO DOWN TIME! You will leave your treatment with radiant skin!  45 min treatment $105 ( treatment with Environ masque $130)

Hydro Microdermabrasion with oxygen infusion

This is a gentle procedure that utilizes microdermabrasion with liquid additives for the best exfoliation.  Followed by high pressured oxygen to penetrate molecules of serums deep into the skin.  Benefits are diminished fine lines, wrinkles.  Scar tissue can be reduced.  Refines pores and sun damaged skin.  Detoxes the skin, promotes collagen production and cell turnover.   60 min/$95

Kim's Classic Facial

A thorough cleansing followed by an analysis of your skin.  Depending on your skin needs, Kim may use steam,lactic,glycolic or an enzyme to exfoliate.  Extractions are performed if needed.  A relaxing massage of the face, decolette, arms, hands and feet.  A skin type specific masque and moisturizer will be applied to wonderful treatment .

75 min/$85

Comfort Therapy Facial

This facial is perfect for those that are health challenged or have  sensitive or reactive skin.  The products used are organic and safe for someone currently having treatment or have had treatment in the past.  Kim is certified in oncology esthetics and can confidently and safely guide you to healthier skin. 


Gua Sha Rejuvinator Facial

Pronounced "Gwa Sha", from traditional chinese medicine. This is a beautiful relaxing treatment in which a jade stone is used to promote blood circulation and natural lymphatic drainage.  Toxins are released along with stimulated collagen production and relaxed facial muscles. $75

Derma Exfoliation Treatment

This treatment exfoliates dead skin cells and fine vellum hair. A gentle peel is applied for further desquamation of cells and ends with a cooling masque.Hair will return softly and skin texture is greatly improved.  $125

Acne Treatment

A deep cleanse, exfoliation, and extractions.  LED light and high frequency are used to kill bacteria and calm the skin.  An antibacterial calming masque is applied. 60min/$70

Ear Candling

Ear candling dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Mayan, and American Indian cultures.  A relaxing non invasive experience in which a hallow, tapered candle coated in beeswax and propolis (anti bacterial properties) is inserted into the ear canal.  Ear wax is gently drawn out into the cone.  A massage of the sinus, lymph and head while enjoying this experience.  Usually two candles per ear are needed.  This service can not be performed on someone that has ear implants, tubes,or eardrum perforation.

60 min/$55

**all services will have an additional CT state tax and may change without notice

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