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Manicured Nails

Nails & Pedicures


Light Concept Nails is a premium gel that is free of harmful chemicals,acids and odors.  LCN is a superior alternative to acrylic powders and dips.  Light Concept Nails doesn't damage nail beds and can be used on finger nails and toe nails for safe reconstruction.


Light Concept gel full set $65.00


Gel refill with polish $35.00

Gel refill French or Gel polish $40.00

Gel polish manicure $35.00

Manicure $25.00

Polish Change $15.00

Keratin Gel Base coat $5.00

Classic pedicure $40.00 

add gel polish to pedicures $10.00 

Toe Nail Repair $10.00

**all prices will have an additional CT state tax applied and may change without notice

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