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A small hand-held stamp rolling device embedded with durable 0.1 stainless steel micro-needles.  Focus-CIT allows you to focus on specific, typically hard to reach areas, such as the upper lip and eye area. 15 needles/0.1mm

Micro-Needling Cosmetic Focus-CIT

    1. Cleanse the skin in treatment areathouroughly with your preferred Environ pre-cleanser, cleanser and toner
    2. Tap the Environ Focus-CIT firmly onto the skin.  You may not feel any sensation but treat in overlapping patterns until the area has ben thoroughly treated.  One can easily go closer to the eyelashes of the lower eyelid, and treat the recesses of the upper eyelid and the difficult areas at the side of the nose.
    3. Follow with Environ Skin Care products as reccomended to you by your skin care professional.
    4. After use, clean your instrument as instructed.
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